Aug. 17th, 2007

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this winter i wrote a zine about my dad. it's about family & life & vision & politics & south africa & coming out as trans to dead people. i just made more copies. this is your chance to speak up if you want one, whether this is the first you've heard of it, or you asked before & i never sent one.

you can also order it from [ profile] ciaraxyerra's distro, learning to leave a paper trail. here's the description ciara wrote for it on there:

"this zine is the evolution of timothy's fun-a-day project... everyday for a month, timothy wrote about his father, who died in early 2003. much of what timothy wrote, he kept for himself, but some of it was edited & compiled into this zine--a sort of meandering through timothy's childhood & relationship with his father, with stories about the political activity his father participated in while living in south africa, stories about visiting him in the hospital while he was sick, letters to his father explaining timothy's transition to being a boy, journal pieces about grief & missing his father, trying to remember the small details that fade away over time, stories about learning to talk about the loss & the relationship with friends. this is really a must-read zine for anyone who has ever coped with a death, especially the death of a parent. even though timothy's relationship with his father is unique to their own interpersonal dynamic, a lot of broader ideas in here about loss & memory resonated a lot with me & my own experience of my father dying. the focus here is on the text & the stories that timothy chooses to share. the only picture is a map of south africa. in some ways, it's a hard zine to read, because it is hard to read about death. but it's also really empowering to see someone's document of their memories, their struggle to retain a relationship with someone who is gone."


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